5 Years Married – Celebrate Your Life Together

Sam and Mark have been married for just over five years. So many experiences shared, so many ‘firsts’ continue. They’ve adjusted in their marriage. They’ve got to know each other much better. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and know how to work these to their mutual advantage. Their marriage and relationship are becoming so strong and solid with time goes by that I am pretty sure that they will definitely have to choose gifts for their 50th(golden) wedding anniversary from Golden Wedding This is their story:


chocolate heart

“I can’t believe we’re at our 5 year wedding anniversary already” says Sam “It feels like we’ve only just celebrated our 4th!”. Except in the last year Sam and Mark’s life has changed dramatically with the arrival of their son Boyce, named after Mark’s grandfather, who is now nine months old. “We’ve become stronger as a couple and most important as parents. I love who we are today.”

Mark agrees. “I’m grateful for what we have and who we are today as a family. We’ve had our down times, but the up times more than make up for those”. Mark was made redundant a month before Boyce was born which put pressure on them both. They coped by keeping in close contact with their family and friends and had the humility and wisdom to seek help from those able to give it. “I had to take time for myself with friends to sort out how I was going to provide for my family without Sam getting anxious.” says Mark. He continues “Our families have also been incredibly supportive throughout our marriage and I’m very grateful to have such a close relationship with them.”



I look up and see a canvas on the wall “What is worth having never comes easy” is painted white on red. Sam follows my gaze and smiles. “I made that for Mark when things got a bit tricky after his redundancy. I wanted him to know that he wasn’t on his own and that I’d do everything I could to carry my share of responsibility for moving onwards and upwards.” It appears to have worked. Mark now works from home, turning his hobby as a carpenter into a business run from the garage at the bottom of the garden.

“I was overwhelmed by the changes in our life when Mark lost his job and then Boyce was born. I wanted my old life, the stability of my old life.” says Sam. “But we’re husband and wife and we both were trying to make it all work. It changed us and still changes us and that’s OK”. “We’re learning and growing together. It is our love that’s got us through the tough times and made us stronger. We appreciate our family and friends who supported us. We’ve a lot to be thankful for” says Mark.


To celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary Mark and Sam invited family and friends around to their home for a celebration meal. “It was as much to say thank you to all the people who’ve supported us in our marriage to date as to celebrate our success at getting to 5” says Sam. “We make sure to schedule time alone together to watch a movie or to eat a candle-lit dinner together and we each leave each other little love notes hidden around the house which is fun”. “I like to see Sam smile” says Mark “so I surprise her with little gifts for no reason at all, which she loves. Though I put a lot of effort into birthdays and other significant anniversaries.” To mark the five years since they exchanged their vows, Mark crafted a rocking chair for Sam. Made from oak, he hopes this will be one of their family heirlooms for Boyce to inherit in time. It is fitting for Sam and Mark that the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood, representing strength and a solidified relationship. In an unusual twist, it was only last year the couple learned their son’s name derives from the old french ‘Bois’ meaning wood.

By working together Sam and Mark celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary as a strong and happy couple. They’ve made joint decisions with maturity. They’ve both improved their negotiating skills, their ability to compromise and they fully understand the meaning of patience. That’s taken time and courage. Congratulations to them both.