About that Uruguay game….

It was a nice 2-1 win for the US under-20s, in a game where Uruguay probably deserved better, but before it gets stale i should recount my story.

After URU took the lead and with time running out in the 85th minute, i thought to myself, “Rather than wait for the game to end to take a restroom break i should just go now.   Besides, with my luck if i go now i’ll miss the tying goal.”   So i went… and heard a cheer… and when i finished goalup and got back to my table the 3 or 4 other guys there watching the game were celebrating Cardaccio’s own goal to make it 1-1.   I joked to one of them that i had played a role, and he suggested that i consider going back to the restroom.   “Naah,” i retorted, “It probably won’t work now.   Gotta wait for extra time.”

So as the game neared halftime of extra time, i thought, “I’ll try my luck again just after the changeover.”   Sure enough, i head back to the restroom, hear cheering again, finish up, go back, and see that Bradley’s made it 2-1.    So i’m happy to take credit for that US win to get to the quarters Saturday vs. Austria.

That was such a mean-spirited game.   Cardaccio, after scoring to tie it, should have been thrown out for throwing a punch at Szetela.  What a jerk.  Then after the game, instead of the usual shirt exchange the teams threatened to go at it.   It was kind of fun watching our guy hold up two fingers  (no, not thosefingers) followed by one to say “2-1″.