Blog lull

It’s been a busy week…. but not in my sports life, really. Just busy with taxes, writing a couple of proposals, and miscellanous other stuff that’s kept me from opining about sports. Besides you don’t really want to read another Imus post do you?

VSL shows some, err, love? for the bowling team. Maybe for spite i’ll write up a whole preview of the National Championship field. I want Vanderbilt to win the bowling national championship! I want VU to win every bowling national championship from now ’til the end of time! Take that, revenue-sport-snobs. And Huskers.

And how could i forget the Great Moot Northwestern Debate? Actually i feel like a donk for not remembering that it was, in fact, moot. Maybe if i have some free time (heh!) i’ll write up a really geeky post estimating the EV of playing versus not playing NU or any other major conference opponent.

MLS started. So dlish, if you make it over here, post away. Sooooo-PAH! Soopah Rev!