In Fantasy World, the Super Bowl is half as popular as the World Cup final

As part of its All Predators All the Time round-the-clock vigil, WGFX just had some guy on who claimed that the Titans, “represented our city in front of a billion people in 1999.” (paraphrased)


The NFL likes to quote “audience” figures for the Super Bowl, understating that the definition of audience in this case is everyone who lives in a country or has access to a TV system where they could watch the Super Bowl if they so chose. And if you accept that definition, the SB’s “audience” is indeed about a billion people, or half the number who’ve watched the last couple of World Cup finals. That’s not two billion in NFL terms. That’s two billion who watched.

So if it makes the people of Nashville feel good about shoveling out piles of government dough because the word “Tennessee” would float across TV screens in Germany and Japan — if only the “audience” hadn’t turned off the set before heading to sleep or to work! — then the people of Nashville are gullible. Roger Godell won’t complain.