It was a nice 2-1 win for the US under-20s, in a game where Uruguay probably deserved better, but before it gets stale i should recount my story.

After URU took the lead and with time running out in the 85th minute, i thought to myself, “Rather than wait for the game to end to take a restroom break i should just go now.   Besides, with my luck if i go now i’ll miss the tying goal.”   So i went… and heard a cheer… and when i finished goalup and got back to my table the 3 or 4 other guys there watching the game were celebrating Cardaccio’s own goal to make it 1-1.   I joked to one of them that i had played a role, and he suggested that i consider going back to the restroom.   “Naah,” i retorted, “It probably won’t work now.   Gotta wait for extra time.”



I won’t be around to comment for a while, but here’s a reminder and some links:

W Tennis: #1 Stanford – #16 Vanderbilt, Athens, GA: live link . Busy live stats board they’ve got there. You can even track the points. Looks like we’re clawing for the doubles point. Took me a while to realize that our match is under “Florida”.

Golf: NCAA West Regional, Tempe, AZ: leaderboard. Yesterday wasn’t so good for the ‘Dores, and today there are 100-degree temps there.